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#00 : end

I've moved again to sushitruck.

Not going to be posting graphics here, but I think I'll use it for something else. I'm not sure what... although if anyone else wants this I don't mind handing it over I JUST REALLY LIKE THE NAME |D;

SO YEAH, UH THANKS GUIZE. ♥ a-and maybe if you want to, watch sushitrucks? :'D
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#015: shirt garters

Thiiiis post was a long time coming~ It took me over a week /sob but I'm finally done (YAY IT'S FINALLY DONE OMG) with the FMA movie (Conquerer of Shamballa) mood theme. It's mostly Alfons and Ed-centric with a little Alphonse and Roy and Wrath thrown in. I'm sorry I almost steadfastly ignored Noah and Rose. And everyone else. In any case, here it is!

instructions for installation by crackified

please to be credit me, if used.
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#012 : strawberry häagen dazs

I hope I did okay with the requests... and adksa the manga coloring. I kind of went overboard this time. The panels are mostly from déraciné and eine klein, both by idea. Next up, new Shit! Kuroshitsuji chapter icons? |D

ALSO: click on the icons for full size images under 'manga coloring'; they sort of double as previews. shh I was lazy.

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#010 : love is waaaarr

jaklasjaslk ♥ you're all awesome

✖ er, request as many as you'd like? ^^
✖ please to be giving me a link to the image, HQ definitely
✖ be sure to tell me any other specifications, if you'd like to
✖ a cat manga coloring is fine too.
but you know, I'm not very good, shh.